Nithya, a young mother of a pre-schooler wears multiple hats. A fashion graduate from NIFT, Nithya is a seasoned retail professional and a product-brand strategist. With a strong passion for photography, Nithya converted her long term hobby into a licensed professional business.

She is now a licensed photographer and a recognized photography mentor based in Dubai, UAE. She specializes in lifestyle portraits and follows a guided yet natural style of photography. She has a proven track record in capturing the essence of an individual and create authentic images 'full of life'.

Driven by compassion, Nithya uses photography to conduct various social impact projects. These include photographing children born with HIV and the 'Special People Big Hearts' project that involves photographing children with special needs & their families. She is a speaker on 'The Art of Seeing- The inclusive eye of a camera' and founder of #PINKDAYTOSHINE -A breast cancer awareness project.

Artistically and commercially, most of her work is about empowering women and fellow mothers, helping them discover and embrace their authentic beautiful self.
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"During every photo session, there are a few seconds where the eyes of the subject, simply light up. Eyes are like the windows to the soul. The few seconds where their soul connects with me & my camera…images captured in that moment, capture the true beautiful essence of that individual", shares Nithya
In 2018, Nithya founded the project“PINKDAYTOSHINE”, creating a series of empowering portraits that capture the courage, beauty and grace of those who are brave warriors of breast cancer and those who are gracefully fighting it. Nithya often plays the role of a body positive coach cheering on from behind the camera & boosting the confidence of the women. Her photo sessions focus on capturing their true inner light oozing with strength & positivity and letting that shine through in their portraits. Together with these amazing women, Nithya creates images of hope & shares stories of strength to inspire others.
Having lost her father at a very young age, Nithya has been a witness to how her mother's world crashed in his absence. Spirituality & her two Children were the driving force, that pulled her mother out of this eternal sadness. While meeting fellow moms who were Breast Cancer survivors , Nithya was curious to know what kept them going. She believed the answer to this might help many others coping with Breast Cancer.

"During my interviews with the Breast Cancer warriors , I would ask them about that one positive thing that they held on to, that helped them on their toughest days. For some, it was their child, for some others it was their faith, or else their sheer will to not give up. Each of these women have grabbed life with both their hands. Their stories could give a lot of strength to other women who are looking for something to hold on to , something that will catapult them out of their dark and difficult days”, Nithya says.

Nithya's message to others -“There are many individuals who want to help others, but don’t know where to start. I just want to tell them that if you have an intention to do something good, no matter how small your action may be, just do it! It might mean a lot to someone."

Nithya asks , " Do you wish to show your support to Breast Cancer warriors? "

"Do your part ! For starters - get your self screened. Start with learning how to identify the signs. Do regular self screening. If you sense anything unusual on your body, see a medical practitioner. Listen to your body & don't ignore the signs. This is my humble request on behalf of all the #PINKDAYTOSHINE warriors I have interacted with so far. Over these past years, I have spoken with men as young as 24 years and women & young moms who are under 35 yrs old , battling Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer sees no gender or age. Early detection is the best way to beat Breast Cancer. Unless you do your part, the purpose of such projects isn't fully accomplished.", shares Nithya
Nithya's joyful but professional nature combined with an innate ability to put her subjects at ease is reflected in each of her photos , and that reflects itself in the resulting photographs.

Nithya’s uses NIKON D850 and Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Full Frame Cameras. Her go to lenses for portrait are 85mm 1.4 , and 24-70mm 2.8.

Nithya Rajkumar is available commercially for:
-Business / Personal branding portraits
-Brand & Product photography
-Business event photography
-Family & kids portraits

"Photography is like meditation to me, it grounds me to the present. You simply become an observer. You are simply 'seeing fully', what is presented before you. The camera doesn't differentiate its subjects. As an inclusion advocate, that resonates with me. You start to find beauty in everything, presented before you." -Nithya

Nithya thanks her husband Akhil Vinayak Menon , a wildlife photographer by passion, who has been her biggest cheerleader.

Photograph of a newborn baby captured by Nithya Rajkumar
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