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Celebrating & Honoring Breast Cancer Survivors &
Those Gracefully Fighting It.

OCTOBER 26TH, 2022
Founded by Nithya Rajkumar in 2018, PINKDAYTOSHINE celebrates and honors the brave survivors & those gracefully fighting Breast Cancer.
As a Breast Cancer Awareness photography project PINKDAYTOSHINE captures and shares stories and portraits of hope, positivity and resilience.

Taking place every OCTOBER 26th, PINKDAYTOSHINE is a casual get-together bringing together the brave survivors and those are currently fighting Breast Cancer.
It is a day to connect and celebrate the journey and the beauty of these individuals and their own personal stories.

Every year 10 Breast Cancer Warriors enjoy a special portrait photoshoot by Nithya Rajkumar Photography, inclusive of professional make up artistry and gifts from compassionate brands who together join the #PINKDAYTOSHINE cause. While gifting the ladies lovely portraits and a memorable day lifting their spirits up , this project shares their personal message to inspire others living alongside breast cancer.

"Each of these women I have connected with via #PINKDAYTOSHINE have fought through some toughest situations, yet risen like a Phoenix and embraced their lives to the full. My photography project aims to capture images that bring out the inner light & positivity of these brave warriors of Breast Cancer, for the world to see & be inspired by. It is a day for them to truly SHINE!
It takes a lot of courage to come forward and share the most vulnerable days of your life and share your personal story. Each of these women come forward to give hope to someone who is currently coping with breast cancer. #PINKDAYTOSHINE has been a truly humbling experience as a photographer.
No matter how tough the situations have been, these women didn't let cancer write their story. I hope these portraits and stories will inspire positive thoughts in those who are battling breast cancer and bring awareness to others about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. "
-Nithya Rajkumar
Together we raise Breast Cancer Awareness and give hope to & inspire others fighting their battle with cancer.
"Awareness is key to beating Breast Cancer!
Share this page with a friend who needs a gentle reminder for a self examination or a screening.

Early Detection can help win the battle."

Founder - Nithya Rajkumar
Nithya is a licensed portrait photographer based in Dubai, UAE and is deeply passionate about empowering women & mothers.
Nithya has been using photography as a medium to conduct various socially impactful projects.
In 2018, Nithya founded #PINKDAYTOSHINE to celebrate the strength , positivity & resilience of brave women who have been battling breast cancer. Through the portraits and stories captured, Nithya hoped to give hope to those coping with cancer.

"Each of these women rose like Phoenixes , embracing life with open arms! The zest for life , strength and resilience carried by the women I have had a chance to connect with is admirable. PINKDAYTOSHINE is a day celebrating the zest for life carried by these ladies , a day for them to truly SHINE!
I feel truly blessed to have had those candid chats & to have been able to photograph them. Their personal stories & inspiring messages will give hope to many others currently coping with Breast Cancer. " - Nithya
Seasoned Retail Professional, Licensed Photographer, Fashion Graduate, Mother to a pre-schooler
What our guests and participants have to say!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about the event.
When does #PINKDAYTOSHINE event happen ?
PINKDAYTOSHINE is celebrated every 26th October. Since the pandemic, the getogether on the 26th is organized as an online event and where any one coping with Breast Cancer can join us.
The formal unveiling of images along with stories of PINKDAYTOSHINE 2022 participants will be done virtually on the 26th of October 2022 at the webinar.  
The virtual event will have a panel of speakers including Breast Cancer warriors sharing their inspiring message  and medical experts offering insights on coping with Breast Cancer and on the after care. They will be answering some of the questions from the participants as well. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we will address the importance of early detection, fear of recurrence of cancer, importance of oral health, mental wellness and on importance of gut health etc.

The #PINKDAYTOSHINE photoshoot is extended to 10 Brave Warriors every year , who come forward to share their story in hopes to inspire those undergoing their fight with Breast Cancer. This year shoot is organized on 16th October AbuDhabi and 22nd Oct in Dubai.
Who can take part in this event ?

Share your Breast Cancer journey & message to others: The #PINKDAYTOSHINE shoot and casual get-together is extended exclusively to Breast Cancer warriors - those who are currently battling breast cancer and those who are brave survivors. The shoot is organized in Dubai and AbuDhabi, hence currently open to residents of UAE. 

Join our causal online gettogether ZOOM every 26th October: Joined by a panel of health & mental wellness experts and breast cancer warriors sharing their insights.
The online event is open to breast cancer survivors, those currently coping with it and their families from anywhere in the world. Admission on invite only. Language of communication would be English. REGISTRATION FOR PINKDAYTOSHINE 2022 event is open.

Support this project : If you are an individual or a brand that is passionate about working towards supporting the cause of raising Breast Cancer awareness and is keen to celebrate the amazing warriors of breast cancer who never gave up, you can join in and support this yearly event. Please note, this is not a fund raising event. 
What is the motivation behind this event?

The profound & positive impact of a photoshoot on a Breast Cancer survivor (read more on Story of PINKDAYTOSHINE) followed by a deep desire to do something for fellow mothers & the warriors of Breast Cancer lead to the birth of Pinkdaytoshine.
While celebrating the extraordinary human behind every image, we hope to raise Breast Cancer awareness with the general public and share stories of HOPE, POSITIVITY & RESILIENCE with those currently fighting Breast Cancer & their families.
I wish to support the event. How can I do it ?
This is a probono project. Which means we don't raise funds nor is a charitable foundation.

Every year we put together a small event , a casual get-together for the participants of PINKDAYTOSHINE, who are battling Breast Cancer or those brave survivors.

If you are Breast Cancer warrior and wish to share your story with us to help others, Contact Us.
You can be part of the photoshoot or join as a speaker on 26th October.

If you are a Brand or Individual passionate about raising Breast Cancer Awareness or celebrating the Brave warriors. You can support by offering probono services or products to enhance the experience of the participants at the event.
Sponsor gifts for the Goodie bag which is offered as a token of appreciation exclusively to the participants.
Alternatively you can also sponsor the decor, venue, F&B (if you are from any of these industries) for the #pinkdaytoshine shoot, to make this event memorable for all the women who come forward to share their story.
Our Supporting Brands
Every year, we are joined by few socially responsible brands in the UAE that offer probono services or their products as gifts to make it a memorable experience for our participants. Behind these brands are individuals passionate about the cause, and some of whom have lost a dear family member to Breast Cancer.

If you are interested in supporting #PINKDAYTSOHINE project, please feel free to contact us. Together let's celebrate the brave warriors of Breast Cancer & raise awareness.
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Feel free to write to us. We love to hear from you.
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