Behind every photograph is an inspiring story of

Hope, Positivity & Resilience.

Read personal stories and inspiring messages from Breast Cancer warriors, complied from Nithya Rajkumar's interviews & candid chats at PINKDAYTOSHINE over the years

"Each of the personal stories have the power to inspire someone out there who is coping with Breast Cancer, catapulting them out of their difficult moments. Hope is stronger than fear they say. "- Nithya Rajkumar, Founder #PINKDAYTOSHINE

Shimaa Ahmed
Breast Cancer Warrior

Meet Shimaa who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 32. She is a working mother of 2, working as a sales executive at a retail cosmetic store, originally from Egypt residing in Abu Dhabi.

“ Two years ago (2019) while I was pregnant, I discovered that I had breast cancer. The first time I heard that from my doctor I felt chocked. I felt my life just crashed right before me in a flash of a second. But I soon prayed and told to myself that I have to face my illness.

Within one month my mass became 7cm from 2.5cm because of pregnancy hormone. Every doctor I met, told me literally to start chemo immediately. So soon after I delivered my baby, I started my journey with Breast Cancer treatment .

My mother and my sister who then came and lived with me, were the ones who gave me positive energy to keep fighting. Unfortunately, my husband was not with me through my cancer journey. Many a times he put me down. With no other support, I started my treatment at TWAM hospital in Al Ain. I used to drive myself from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain and back, for my chemo. I knew, I had to get through this.", shares Shimaa

The doctors , nurses, and the many patients she interacted with, saw her as a true hero and often shared how much positivity she brings along with her. Shimaa shared how this gave her more power to continue with her treatment, and that the presence of her husband at home only made her feel weak inside.

Shimaa insisted that she would work while receiving her treatment. She wished to face the society and hoped to prove to herself and the people around her, that she was still strong even, though there were many moments she felt just the opposite on the inside.

Shimaa’s message to others : “From my experience, I can say that the most important thing in life is Health. If you have health, you can do everything.

I used to hold my plams together and pray to give me the inner energy to help face my treatment. I believe that, when God gives some people life tests and God also gives with them the strength to endure them. Do not despair when you discover that you have Cancer, because this is not the end of life. Embrace your life with everything in it and be ready to face it with all your inner energy to cross the stages of your illness without giving up on yourself. Take few minutes every day for your self, for the sake of your health. Don't ignore the signs, listen to your body. Early detection and treatment can save your life. ”

"As a young mother myself, Shimaa’s story shook my very core. In 2021, I decided to extent PINKDAYTOSHINE to other Emirates aside from Dubai where we had originally started. Meeting Shimaa, I knew why I had that deep urge to take this project to Abu Dhabi. Almost as if to meet her and share her story. Shimaa is one of the sweetest humans and indeed a true Hero that I came across while running this project. She never gave up on herself!"-Nithya Rajkumar

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Usha Shah
Breast Cancer Survivor

Meet Usha a super woman, a brave mom & now a survivor (2022) of Breast Cancer who is now actively spreading awareness on breast cancer.

Read below Usha's candid interview with Nithya Rajkumar at PINKDAYTOSHINE 2021. Usha was undergoing her radiation at the time.

Usha shares, "It was soon after my youngest son’s birthday I felt a lump on my right breast in May 2021, but I didn’t actually do anything about it as assumed it was something from me working out & training every day during the lockdown. Owing to several reasons and the pandemic, I delayed my checkup. I started feeling fatigued & heaviness on my breast and eventually went and got it checked in August.

“I finally got my appointment for ultra sound and mammogram in September. They said “It was not good news.” I learned that I had late stage 3 Breast Cancer. I was heartbroken. My life is being taken away from me! I don’t have much time left were my initial thoughts.”

Her doctor assured her that Breast Cancer unlike most other cancer has higher survival rate and is curable. They assured her that she will come out of this!

Usha started researching before she starts her treatment. Her husband got her connected to few breast cancer support groups in Dubai. Connecting with Breast Cancer warriors & survivors offered her a lot of insight. It helped her with choosing her doctor and prepared for her treatment ahead. "The Brest Friends support network founded by Dr Houriya and Pink Ladies what’s app support network has given me the strength and power to continue.", shares Usha

As the treatment progressed, Usha shares how she felt her energy levels were dropping leaving her feel tired. Usha shares that being a mother of 3, a homemaker, managing all this amidst the pandemic, and having a child with special needs made it quite overwhelming emotionally and physically.

She thanks her medical team at her hospital for cheering her on through treatment each day.

Chemo and its many side effects on your body are tough.

“One of the biggest drawbacks during chemo has been losing my long beautiful hair. I decided to shave my head. But I did it in steps. The moment I did, I felt in control. I was certain not to let the Cancer control me & my emotions.”

“I kept telling myself, that the Chemo is saving my life. I constantly reminded myself, being positive is the only way forward. “

Usha suffered from occasional nose bleeds. Staying hydrated with IV drips when needed, eating healthy, avoiding spicy food and staying positive helped her through the Chemo.

Usha shares, “Looking back at these times, now I can share is that these episodes of side effects are not for long. Remind yourself that you are on your road to recovery. If you are going through your treatment, Hang in there! “

Usha’s message to others: “Don’t wait! Don’t take anything for granted even if it is a small thing. Early detection saves lives. Not only that it changes the treatment plan. You might not need to go through Chemo or radiation, so don’t ignore any signs.

Us cancer women have the scars as a constant reminder of our battles, no matter the constant struggles in our life, we need to remind ourselves about our strength, courage & bravery. YOU GOT THIS!”

“When I met Usha for the first time in Oct 2021- I was a pure symbol of feminine power, of motherhood, of strength and resilence. It is not easy to come forward and share the most vulnerable moments in one’s life. I am super proud of Usha who is a mom to a child with special needs, actively working towards promoting Breast Cancer awareness. In Usha I see a supermom & a super woman, who never let cancer take control! You can follow Usha’s journey on her page @pinkcancersurvivordxb."- Nithya Rajkumar

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Sandya Rajagopal
Breast Cancer Warrior

Meet Sandya who switched from being an entrepreneur to a home maker after her diagnosis & is now enjoying her time with her 6 month old granddaughter. Originally from Kerala, Sandy is a resident of Dubai.

Sandya was a fairly active, busy mom and wife with no history of cancer in the family, and felt why should she worry? However, in 2019 at the age of 50, chancing upon a pea-sized lump in her right breast while showering, changed her world forever.

"My whole world came crashing down when I got the Breast Cancer diagnosis. My thoughts first went to my husband who was in the ICU recovering from a heart attack just a day before and to my two lovely girls.

Am I going to die? Please not now! What about my family?

I froze with uncertainty about my future and it put me in denial and I hoped to wake up from this nightmare. My anxiety lead to procrastination, which lead to being reluctant to start my treatment. I was deeply saddened at being the one to upset the already shaken boat. It was like the grief of losing somebody you love- of losing a sense of self, because life as you thought it would be is now going to change.

A barrage of medical opinions and scans later, the treatment schedules were set. It was a steep learning curve for all of us.", shares Sandya

Meanwhile, Sandya searched desperately for survivor stories just to ascertain that she too could be one. While Sandya was in her depths of despair, she found comfort in the outpouring of love and kindness from her family, friends, care givers and even some strangers. She shares how it was like having an incredibly beautiful warm blanket to guard her through the terrifying times she was living in.

For Sandya, the relief of not having to carry this burden alone in secrecy, made her feel incredibly strong.

"I joined a beautiful support group for Breast Cancer warriors. The inspiration, strength, love and learning from fellow warriors has been truly amazing. Through experiences like cancer, we learn how life should never be removed from top priority, even though the experience can be very eroding, and these support groups show us how to turn our pain into purpose.

The truth is there are no escape ladders. We have to live through it day by day & prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. I understood the importance of living life fully.

The trade off for life saving treatments is a raft of undesirable and long term side effects that I was only beginning to navigate. But my life goals changed. My perspectives changed.

Three years on, I gained a deeper appreciation of EVERYTHING & EVERYBODY in my life. Today I'm thanking God for blue skies and new mercies."

Sandya's message to others:

"Please get your Mammograms every year. Do regular self exams. Early detection truly saves lives. The reality is quite unlike the narrative we tell ourselves- the treatment options are myriad and prognosis great!

And to the women (and men) who've been affected by cancer its a blip. Its is only truly over till you tell yourself it is. Reclaim your power. This experience can be a transformative process- your narrative is important. You're strong as fire and you've got this! Im talking proactive living that really turns life itself into a verb.

Wishing you Peace, Power and Good Health!"

"It has been a pleasure photographing & connecting with Sandya who exudes joy and positivity. One of the sweetest individual I met through PINKDAYTOSHINE. She has taught me that at the end of the day it is MIND OVER MATTER! Cancer is a life-changing experience, however with a positive mindset and a deeper appreciation for life, one can overcome it, one step at a time. I hope Sandy's story inspires the many women back in my home state of Kerala to face the illness confidently and inspire others to carryout regular screenings & understand the importance of early diagnosis.

The above write up has been compiled form my interview of Sandya taken in 2021."

-Nithya Rajkumar

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Sara Shokri
Breast Cancer Warrior

Meet Sara a working professional and Iranian expatriate living in Dubai.

At the age of 41, on the 21st of February 2019, a Thursday, Sara shares how something round she left in her right breast changed her life forever.

"I touched it, but there was no pain. I had to wait another 2 days, till my doctor appointment on Sunday. When I visited the doctor, she advised me to do mammogram and sampling . I later received the call from my doctor confirming the breast cancer biopsy result to be positive. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. It was a heart breaking moment for me.",shares Sara

Sara knew what she had was an aggresive cancer, but she knew she had to live alongside it, not against it.

Sara shares we need to learn and accept the reality and that is how we can survive under any conditions. She says that, it will be hard to adjust initially, but one should not give up. The Chemo and the many side effects of the much needed treatment to iradicate the Cancer is tough, but Sara shares that if she can, then anyone can do it.

"Just give yourself time, you will find your way to adjust yourself with it and come out of it.", shares Sara

Sara underwent mastectomy on her right breast and 6 sessions of chemotherapy and 25 sessions of radiotherapy.

Sara shares, "Every day was a learning. Approaching the treatment without any prior experience or knowledge was tough. I decided to celebrate life and enjoy every moment. So I joined art classes and did regular exercise and attended gatherings with fellow cancers patients. During this time I found lots of friends and even being a part of PINKDAYTOSHINE to share my experience had a positive effect on me and helped me with managing any stress."

Sara’s message to everyone : " Early detection is the key to survival. I ask people to learn how to check their breasts and ask a medical expert if they aren’t sure. I request every woman out out there to get her annual mammogram and conduct regular self checks. If you suspect anything, please do see a medical expert. Be Strong.

If you are going through Cancer, Never give up, Never give in.

Just give yourself time, you will find your way to cope with the situation.

" Dear Body I Always Love You." and "I love life and life loves me back.' are some messages that gave me strength and helped me cope with Breast Cancer treatment. "

"Through my lens, I saw a happy and beautiful human being, with a great zest for life. Sara never let Breast Cancer dullen her spirit. It has been my honor to capture Sara's true essence & positive spirit through these beautiful portraits and to share her story. Sara connected with me for the first time for our 2020 PINKDAYTOSHINE online gathering.

The above write up has been compiled form my from Sara's interview taken in 2020 and 2021."- Nithya Rajkumar

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Avan Pasha
Breast Cancer Warrior

Meet Avan, a young mother to 3 lovely daughters working as a environmental management consultant in Abu Dhabi. 3 years ago in November 2018, at the age of 38, Avan was diagnosed with early stage Breast Cancer.

"Even though I had a family history of my mother, both grandmothers and my great aunt all having had Breast Cancer, I never expected it to happen to me and especially not at such a young age.", shares Avan

Avan had been doing her monthly breast exam at home and felt a small lump in her right breast. Because she had been regularly examining her breasts every month soon after her period, she knew that what she felt was not normal and that she needed to get it checked out.

"The following day I went to my gynecologist for a check up and after examining me she

recommended I do both an ultrasound and a mammogram. Even though I was only 38 years old she advised that I do a mammogram as a precaution due to my family history. The scans indeed showed a suspicious finding in the area where I felt the lump and after a second opinion from another radiologist I was referred to a hospital to do a biopsy which confirmed that the tumour was malignant. After surgery I was diagnosed with early Stage 1A Breast Cancer. My treatment plan was to do 6 weeks of radiation followed by 5 years of hormonal therapy.

That period, from the moment I felt the lump to my initial diagnosis and leading

up to my surgery was the most difficult experience of my life but God gave me the strength and positive mindset to get through this difficult time with the loving support of my family.", shares Avan

Avan's message to everyone : "From my own experience, I wish to highlight the importance of monthly self Breast exams and early screening. Being aware of my family’s history and carrying out regular monthly self breast exams at home after my period, led to early detection and to an early stage diagnosis for me which I will forever be thankful for.

It’s really important for all women, not only those with a family history of Breast Cancer, to know your body and to carry out regular monthly self checks along with the recommended annual scans and clinical exams.

An early detection and an early diagnosis can make all the difference in your life and that of your dear one's! EARLY DETECTION REALLY CAN SAVE LIVES!"

"Avan joined PINKDAYTOSHINE in 2020 as a speaker at the annual online gathering, sharing her story and personal message. Myself, being a Mom to a preschooler in my mid 30's, I was rather shocked when Avan shared her story for the first time. Breast Cancer sees no age. While I read multiple articles on "EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES", Avan was a true testament to this. As a fellow Mum, I couldn't be more proud of Avan, a lovely soul, who is a super woman to her three lovely daughters. I am delighted to have finally met Avan at PINKDAYTOSHINE 2021 and to capture the essence of her positive spirit through these photographs."- Nithya Rajkumar

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Sita Guptan
Breast Cancer Warrior

Meet Sita, a working professional of the Government of India and a resident of Kerala who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Her routine self examination helped her notice a lump in her right breast. Without wasting time, she went for a mammogram and scan, and it turned out to be malignant. It was Stage 2, HER +ve. As her sister and mother were both doctors, they consulted the best surgeon in the town and within 7 days of detection, mastectomy was done and was referred to Regional Cancer Centre for chemotherapy.

“Before starting the treatment I was fortunate that a Breast Cancer warrior, took her time to visit me. Her positive attitude gave me hope and faith in my treatment. My family stood beside me with prayers, love and support. I believed in my treatment and treatment team. First four session of the chemotherapy went on well except for the hair loss. It was heart breaking to see my long thick hair falling off day by day after the first chemotherapy. So we decided to shave my head fully, and it turned out to be the best decision.

The next 4 sessions were very difficult for her. She had to be admitted in the hospital. Each day she kept reminding herself, “I can handle this, as I am on the way to recovery.”

“The treatment was tough, but it saved me. My pure will to embrace life,along with the suppot of my family, kept me going. This is my 9th year of cancer free life.”, shares Sita

Sita shares how beating the disease raised her self confidence. From taking a driving license, buying a car, traveling to many beautiful places, taking up Yoga as a regular practice; Sita started celebrating life now more than ever. She continues to go for her routine check up every year.

Sita’s message to everyone is : "Listen to your body. Dont ignore the signs and don’t rely on google doctor. Early detection helps in better treatment outcome. Do not indulge in self pity or feeling guilty. This is a disease which we can handle and don’t forget, EARLIER THE BETTER. "

"This was the first time my survival and fight was celebrated than viewed as a pitiful phase. Being part of PINKDAYTOSHINE was definitely is a landmark event for me and has lifted up my spirits. Once again thank you Nithya Rajkumar"

"One of the intents of this project was also to normalize the approach to Breast Cancer. In many parts of the world, Breast Cancer is still viewed as a taboo or as something that diminishes a woman’s value. This mindset has to change. Many women succumb to this Cancer due to lack of support systems and poor awareness. During my research, the lack of openness of people in my own home state Kerala,India became obvious to me. Many women fought their battle in solitude.

Hence, in 2021 unable to travel to India amidst COVID, I decided to do a remote photoshoot with a Breast Cancer warrior from my hometown willing to share her story. I am thankful for Sita's trust. I hope Sita’s story and those of others, inspire women & families back in my home state."-Nithya Rajkumar

Remote Photography: thanks to support of Sita's 11 year old nephew Dev Krishna @nithyarajkumar.in

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Rajaa Khalifa
Breast Cancer Warrior

Meet Rajaa, Breast Cancer warrior and nothing less of a super woman joined us at PINKDAYTOSHINE 2021 event organized at Rotana Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Rajaa is working mum of 3 lovely children, with her youngest child being 2 yrs old. She was diagnosed with a rare type of stage 3 Breast Cancer in January 2021 and was still going through her Chemo treatment at the time we met.

Rajaa shares "Initially I was told I will not be needing chemo so I had a mastectomy in February and shortly after my surgery the pathology report showed I must take chemo as it had spread to a lymph node and this was very difficult for me as I was terrified of chemo and losing my hair after getting a few medical opinions and talking to the ladies in the breast cancer support group I took the courage and started chemo in April 2021. I started losing my long thick hair shortly after the first chemo and by second session I again took the courageous decision of shaving it all myself as watching it fall was very distressing.

Rajaa shared how hard she tried, not to let this affect her family and that she always tried to do everything for her kids. Her husband stood up for her, as the parent & partner she needed, be it taking care of the kids on her worst days and the days she felt she couldn't move. Having her mum beside her and her mom's prayers gave Rajaa the strength to carry on through each day of treatment. Rajaa's close circle of friends gave her an outlet to talk about anything and that always made her feel much better. Meeting other women through Breast Cancer support groups who went through Cancer, became a source of inspiration and courage for her.

"My journey has not been a smooth one as after completing the prescribed number of chemo sessions , however here I am 9 months later still fighting and trying to stay as positive and as strong as possible."

Rajaa's message to everyone is : " I urge all the ladies, no matter what your age is, to go and get yourself checked. You must do regular monthly self examination on your own. Don't be scared if you find anything suspicious, do get it checked it out with a medical professional. Many women find things and they ignore it. In the case of Breast Cancer, 'Early Detection Is Key'.

Every day, that I wake up with my kids, is a Gift and I try my best to create beautiful memories for my kids. Sometimes we need to go through such events to realise what matters most and what doesn't in our lives."

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Stacey Fernandes
Breast Cancer Warrior

Stacey was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer in the start of 2021 amidst the Covid Pandemic . When I first met Stacey, she was due to undergo her radiations and further medications. Through my lens, all I saw was a bubbly lady whose eyes sparkled as she smiled. She continued to smile as she shared her story of struggle & of her triumph over Cancer.

"I'm Stacey, a 48 yr old, wife to a doting husband and 7 year old bundle of energy and a 6 month old pup! Dec 2020 we find out that my father had a rare form of Stage 4 lung cancer.

Early start of the year, Jan 2021, I did something I normally never do - I checked my breast when having a shower. I felt something like a ping pong ball in my right breast and shared with my husband. We knew we had to go to the doctor immediately. Upon receiving the PET scan results and receiving the final diagnosis of 'BIG C', my initial reaction was a pity party for myself in the car while driving back. While seated in the car, I remember literally telling myself to Stop feeling sorry for myself . Unlike what I expected, my dad took the news like a champ!

This motivated me and I decided that I would plough through this, but in my terms. I was very certain that I did not want to share this news with my extended family or friends until I was almost done with chemo. Aside from managing myself, I wasn't prepared to manage the emotions of others. While this may not be everyone's route, it worked really well for me.

No one looking at me then would be able to say that I was suffering from cancer. Truth is, I wasn't suffering from the cancer, just the after effects of chemo. "

Stacey completed 6 doses of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy and axillary node drainage over the course of the next couple of months. She shared how her Oncologist's transparent approach & guidance helped her prepare for the treatments and its possible side effects.

Stacey's message to others is : " Do what you think is best for You! Cancer affects each individual in a unique way. Do what makes you feel good and positive. I personally avoided long conversations around Cancer, simply because I felt it brought me down, as though I am dwelling in a negative space mentally! Conversations with friends were around "How are you feeling?"; "Do you need anything." I never allowed for a pity party.

If you feel better sharing with everyone, then go ahead. If you feel like going for a walk, do so. I walked and jogged whenever I could. I rested when I wanted do. I danced when I felt like it, so on and so forth.But make sure, you have a positive support system around you. For me it was my immediate family and handful of friends to whom , I will be eternally grateful.

Sound healing sessions and few other holistic sessions felt nourishing to my soul and worked wonders on me mentally.

Try to accept the situation as graciously as you can and believe that you will come out stronger at the end of it. At the end of it, it really is mind over matter , trust that all will be well. Make the most of every moment you have. And as cliché as it is, What doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger."

"Stacey is a true phoenix who never let Breast Cancer dullen her spirits. We saw a glimpse of her "funky Pink Wig" as she calls it , the one that she got herself just before her Chemo had begun." - Nithya Rajkumar

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Joylyn Hantig Reano
Breast Cancer Warrior

Meet Joylyn, a teaching assistant based in Abu Dhabi and a mother of 2 lovely children.

At the age of 40 years, Joylyn was diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer.

"Last May 2020, world as I knew it changed. I never thought that I would become a victim of Breast Cancer. Right in the middle of pandemic, is when this battle against cancer started. Presence of Covid, then an unknown & much feared Virus, didn't make it easy at all. After consulting several doctors, I finally decided to undergo chemotherapy. This was the hardest time in my life but knew I need to fight this illness, for the sake of my family especially for the sake my beloved children. I was glad I found it at an early stage"

Now I am almost done with my treatment. I couldn't have got through this without the help and support of my family, my dear friends and all the people with a good heart who reached out to me. Today, I enjoy living with my family, and I am truly happy and grateful to God. I feel I have received a second chance at life."

Joylyn's message to others: "My advise to those who face Breast Cancer or any such illness, is

1) Do not be afraid, be brave and face this disease, the right treatment no matter how tough, will save you.

2) It is better to be detected early. EARLY DIAGNOSIS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE! I am thankful I found it at an early stage.

3) Do regular Breast Examination. If you feel anything, don't be afraid. Consult the doctor, a medical expert who can help you to figure out what you need to do."

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Mariejoy Robles
Breast Cancer Warrior

Mariejoi is an Optometrist based in Abu Dhabi. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a year ago in Oct 2020, amidst the rise of the COVID pandemic.

"You can call me Joy, and I am a Breast Cancer warrior who up until this time has been giving all my 100% trust in God, that I will fully recover! I am in currently in my last stage of treatment which is Herceptin injections. I am truly thankful to God for giving me another chance in life."

Joy's message to others : "If you are going through Cancer, please be strong and have faith in God. Gracefully accept all the help that you can. And if you are a relative or a friend to someone going through Breast Cancer or any form of sickness, please reach out to them, because there is always more strength & power of healing in togetherness."

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